Each city or culture has trends that make up society. Trends create a movement within culture and they tend to curve people’s interests. Interests can change over time, but during the Swedish winter, they seem to always redundantly come back due to the long and dark winters. Here I will discuss some of the trends that have hit Gothenburg during this cold time of year. This includes fashion trends, food trends, lifestyle trends, and many other types of trends.

During the month of December, the weather has really kicked into high gear. Summer trends are officially over! People are focused more on the Swedish environment around them which means they are focused on staying home and being in a less rainy and uncomfortable situation. People are now wearing winter coats, boots, and simultaneously carrying umbrellas everywhere in Gothenburg. Boots are very commonly worn even when wearing dresses or skirts and even in the summer time due to the rainy weather conditions and cobblestone streets. Rain boots, hats of every kind, and leather/cotton jackets are now a big fashion trend during the wintertime. However, people still want to be stylish regardless of how cold it is. Men are focused on wearing hoodie sweatshirts with a jacket hanging over them in order to look presentable and women focus on layers of leggings with shorts and jeans that are tucked in by high knee boots.

The “Food and TV trend”  also formally known as hibernation mode become very popular during this time of year. Now that we have hit the rainy and cold winter season, most people would prefer to be inside rather than outside. People are therefore focused on watching the many popular television shows in Sweden such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Family Guy” followed by the huge list of movies some of us prepare for the winter.  Swedish movies that have been very consistently popular are “Snabba Cash,” “Jagarna” “Show Me Love” “Hund Trick” and many others.

Another very popular trend is making it a weekly task to head to the “Bio” which means movie theatre in Swedish. There are many cinemas in Gothenburg worth going to and for not so expensive prices! Whenever it’s rainy and cold you can easily catch a bountiful amount of Swedes and Internationals all standing in line for the next good flick to watch. Cinemas are easily over packed or booked up and so if you are interested in ordering a ticket the best option is to order tickets online!

Another huge trend amongst all Swedish people is the “Afterwork” concept. By 17:00 it is happy hour especially when the sun sets at 15:30 and people start to feel the evening creeping up more quickly and faster than ever! Afterwork is a concept that pertains to venues, bars, and restaurants that have cheap prices and food for people that enjoy some relaxation after work. It’s always fun to enjoy a beer or two when activity is low compared to the summer time and you are in a more “chill out” winter mode.

Winter Trends are a bit on the lagom side but I do believe that these trends fill out a balance as a whole. Seasons change and trends change overtime with the seasons. It’s always exciting to learn about new cultures and the trends that follow!

Written by: Claire Hultin