“I discovered windows one afternoon and after that, nothing was ever the same.”

Anne Spollen

Before arriving in Gothenburg, Sweden, I decided to set myself a task a challenge, if you might, of capturing moments through a window. Now, I must first confess that I am no photography virtuoso, merely someone with a passion for photography. At first I was unsure of what object I wanted to photograph. All I knew was that I wanted an object that could be readily found wherever I travelled – something that looked the same, yet different. That was when I came up with the idea of shooting windows (or perhaps the scenery that one sees through a window).

Embarking on this (self-initiated) project, I had the aim of capturing moments through something static. By taking photos through the perspective of glancing out of windows, I wanted the windows to reflect a way into the world that one could possibly see through their own lenses, whilst subtly hinting to people the architecture and beauty of the place where they were. Also, I wanted to be able to take photographs that have memories in themselves so that when I look back at them, they transport me to another place – a secret haven of sorts.

Throughout the past 2 weeks in Gothenburg, I have been exposed to a plethora and multitude of different sceneries. The photos of places below are some of the many places I have been to in the past couple of weeks.

Flying on an airplane to Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

As I took an airplane here, a feeling of uneasiness and excitement washed over me. The thought of being away for 6 months, from home, was one that I could not fathom. However, after having spent 2 weeks in Gothenburg, I must say that the people here have been really kind. A sincere plea for directions will never go unanswered. Even if they do not know the exact directions, they would pull out their phones, load up the map and point you in the right way.

Room dormitory


It is amusing how my room faces the very flight of stairs which we dragged our luggage down all the way from the airport to Olofshöjd. It was a long and arduous process to pull our luggage from the airport to medicinearberget (to collect our keys) and lastly, to our dormitories without the help of the pick-up service (the bus was full and we had to use the public transportation). Thankfully, we had Felix, one of the student buddies, who brought us from place to place and also helped us with our baggage along the way.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Nearest bus stop: Linnégatan

Looking out of a classroom window at ten in the morning and watching the snow fall for the first time meant that:

I could not go out into the snow and frolic.

I could not concentrate for the remainder of the lesson