“I am nature. I eat nature. I become nature.”
Sigrid Bjørkedal

Standing on the road in the middle of the night and waiting patiently – hoping, wishing, praying with every fibre of my being to be able to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. Even if it didn’t appear, I was already contended with the sight that was in front of me. The night sky, lit up by the dozens of stars, painted across it. It was strikingly beautiful – we were blessed with a clear night sky.

A couple of trains whizzed by as the clock ticked on. The occasional sputtering from the engine of the cars that sped by; the pattering sound from our shoes against the ground as we jogged and jumped on the spot to keep ourselves warm; the occasional muttering of words and conversations to try and get to know each other’s cultures better. It was either one or a combination of the above or the pristine silence that engulfed us as we stargazed.

Then, as if it were an answer to our desperate pleas, traces of green specks of lights started to appear in the wee hours of the morning, as it graced the entire night sky. A sense of joy and jubilation filtered through me – making me feel light and giddy as if I were floating through an abyss. We screamed to each other, “It’s here! It’s here!” Then, we ran as fast as our legs would take us – to the open road, and stood in the middle of it, basking in the silence and taking in the stunningly breathtaking view.

I stood in awe and admiration as a calm serenity washed over me. I felt as if I were a part of something bigger, that suddenly, all the problems that I had, seemed so small, in comparison to the world. I was just simply thankful and grateful to be a part of nature, and to witness nature’s remarkable beauty. Just being surrounded by nature and being with nature, made me feel so alive. We made a couple of friends that night too, those, for the past five days, we had never talked to before. That night, we all wished upon falling stars. Our yearning and desire to see the northern lights brought us together – well at least to wait out in the cold for it to appear. It made me realise how beautiful life is – if we take a moment to step back and see.

Written by Loh Hui Ming.
Photo by Samuel Wong.