Well, I was deeply wrong

Trying to fall asleep several times on the train, I noticed quite some shakiness- a strong left curve and all my stuff swept off the little train table. Fortunately, my friendly neighbor started to translate everything the conductor was saying: “The stabilizer is broken, but it is best to go on without fixing it to avoid any delays.” Turns out, every bathroom walk turned into an earthquake simulation. Well, better keep seated then, I thought. Half an hour later, the train suddenly went into a full stop in the middle of nowhere.

Men with neon-orange vests were going up and down the train, followed by other annoyed looking passengers carrying their luggage. Oh gosh, what happened? Was the train broken? It was then when I noticed another train to the right. My neighbor finally cleared up my confusion: The train next to us has hit a moose! Was this stereotypical scenario really happening? The crew evacuated all passengers of the other train by putting them on our train. Slowly going on, the train stopped at each small train station to drop off passengers for further travel. Alright, I really did not expect that when people warned me about taking the trains. Free coffee and cake brightened up the rest of the trip. In the end, the train-ride extended from initially 2.5 hours to a full 6 hours. So, if you want to go on an adventure and take a trip full of surprises, I highly recommend taking one of the trains leaving from Göteborgs Centralstationen.

Written by Petra Klimas