Condeco is the perfect place to go if you are tired of studying in the library or in your room.

You can find the café in different places in town. We usually chill in the one next to Kompassen or in Nordstan. All their outlets provide free wi-fi and charging spots.

The interior is super chill with dim lighting and comfy sofas. If you can’t concentrate around people talking, just put on your earphones and listen to some music. They have great coffee and depending on what you buy, the prices are quite fair. While my favorite is the medium Latte, Myrthe prefers the large Cappuccino.

Condeco absolutely abides by their slogan “We want happy people”. The staff is really friendly and helpful. Once when they forgot to serve a smoothie we had ordered, they gave us a free muffin, worth 29 sek. Now, that’s what we call good customer service.

For all the vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies out there, they have lactose and gluten free products as well as vegan and veggie food. So there is a little something for everyone on their menu.

In addition, Mondays at Condeco are Green Mondays, during which they serve an all-vegetarian menu. Through this offer, the café wants to be more sustainable and wants to inspire people to eat more vegetarian food, without the feeling of having to make a sacrifice when opting out meat. “By eating vegetarian we can reduce the environmental impact of the food, while eating healthy and tasty,” they state on their funky website.

Condeco’s pastries are homemade and to top it all off, they also provide customers with recipes via their website. Sadly, they are in Swedish. But if you would like a recipe, which isn’t listed, you can ask them for one. This is what Myrthe did and now, she can finally make her favorite sauce for an amazing grilled Ciabatta with chicken and cream cheese.

Their only secret recipe is for their muffins!

Written by Dannii and Myrthe