As spring started to dawn upon us, a group of us decided to make use of the barbeque pits in Olofshöjd. It was an impromptu meet up amongst friends who have travelled and been away from each other for weeks. It was an opportunity to make use of the good weather, as well as to catch up and hear about each other’s adventures.

Being away from Sweden for a while now, I’ve started to see signs of spring. The lush green grass with the inviting sun; longer daylights; people laying out their picnic mats on random grass fields and just lying on them – sunbathing, eating, talking and reading.

Paying a visit to the islands is always a great idea. So we packed some food that was ideal for a picnic and headed off to the islands in the Southern Göteborg Archipelago (Styrsö and Dönso). We walked on off-beaten tracks with no distinct footpath and climbed up the hills lined with stones until we reached a level ground. The view from the top overlooked the entire bay and the houses that dotted its shores. The islands were remote, yet peaceful – a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a good getaway.

As the football season just started, we decided to get the full Göteborg experience by catching a match. According to a Swedish friend of mine, the first game of the season where Göteborg versus Malmö is probably the match to watch considering it is the first game and also because Malmö team was the champion last season. As I’ve never watched a football match live before…well, you can imagine how excited I was! Even though our home team lost to Malmö, the atmosphere in the stadium made up for it.

Also as a parting gesture for one of our friends who was leaving for his home country, we decided to hold a rooftop party. Now, you might think that by party we mean booze, booze and loads of booze… just booze. Well, we had booze but we also had food. We decided to roast 2 racks of ribs and made tortilla wraps with pulled pork, tomatoes and cabbages. Now, if that wasn’t enough for the 5 of us – there was always ice cream. Yes, we finished 2 tubs of ice cream. However, it did rain the whole day and that also meant that our “rooftop” party became… just a party. We decided to postpone the rooftop party until the weather gets better.

Written by Loh Hui Ming.
Photo by Calvin Hui.