Finding placement in student housing or searching for student apartments can be quite difficult given the circumstances of the Swedish system and how it works here! For one, when renting an apartment, the Swedish system has its own queuing system, which is very organized, but can be a tedious and a long wait. This is because the queues take up thousands of citizens from the time they are born. Meaning they can wait in a queue for 18 + years. Sounds a bit daunting eh?

If you want an apartment first hand then it can be extremely difficult to obtain. However where there is a will, there is a way! Second hand contracts are quite popular because of the long wait with the queuing system here in Gothenburg, which means that the length of the contract is decided between you and the person holding the first hand contract.

One way of looking for apartments is also a website called Blocket and can be found at The website is initially in Swedish but can be utilized with Google translate. Here people are putting up advertisements on sharing or renting an apartment or room.,, and are all websites that assist you in searching for second hand apartments. When deciding to rent a place at a second hand contract, be aware not to send money over seas or abroad because it can easily be a scam, and there should never be an exchange of money in advance. Also make sure that the rental price is affordable and that it is a reasonable price compared to other apartments. Make sure to double check that the apartment is rent able and the renter has obtained permission to sublet.

For student housing, Gothenburg University and Chalmers students who pay tuition fees i.e. international masters students are guaranteed housing. Exchange students that are admitted to Chalmers via NCTU, UNITECH, ERASMUS Mundus, Double Degree or Linnaeus-Palme are also guaranteed housing. Other international Erasmus students are assisted with accommodation through their host universities as well. The University of Gothenburg offers housing to a limited number of exchange students. There are deadlines before each semester and so it is important to apply as early as possible.

As a new student coming to Gothenburg make sure that you register in all possible waiting lists. Which means all different student accommodation. They have a first come first serve rule. SGS has the option of something called a last minute flat. If you really need accommodation then you call them and they may have something for you. Other independent students can also rent out dormitories but it is also quite normal for students to look for apartments. One room apartments usually include a kitchen and bathroom. Students that are not guaranteed housing from the universities can always still apply for accommodation.
Affordable prices should for student housing dorms should range from 2500-3500 kronor. A studio apartment should range from 3000-4000 kronor. A two room apartment could range from 3000-7,000 kronor. However, this also depends on the location and the building that you may be renting from

Here is a list of student housing areas:
Chalmers Studentbostäder offers student housing very close to the main Chalmers campus by Johannaberg and also the Lindholmen campus.

SGS Studentbostäder offers accommodation in several parts of the city to students in Gothenburg.  SGS is one of the biggest accomodation areas.

Guldhedens studiehem offers student housing for a smaller group of students which is located in Guldheden. The student housing is based on christian values and has a religious foundation. They also have a no alcohol and drugs policy.

Boplats Göteborg is the main portal for searching out student housing. They have set up a section for international students where they list student housing from SGS and also private rooms in Gothenburg that can be rented by international students.

Written by: Claire Hultin