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Every year, tens of thousands of people move to Sweden. Getting used to a new country can be both exciting and frustrating. Initially, you will spend a great deal of energy learning Swedish. The language’s tricky å, ä, ö and sj sounds will keep both your mind and your mouth busy. Once you begin to feel comfortable with the language, it is only natural to have questions about everyday life in Sweden. How do you find a good job? Is day-care available for your children – and what does it cost? Can your aged father come to Sweden too? Are your grades good enough to get you into a university? Answers to many questions can be found in this pocket guide – a quick orientation in Swedish society. It is intended to be an asset for all new residents of Sweden. Over 250 pages filled with useful information on the country that will be your new home. It also contains addresses and tips on finding good, up-to-date information on the web. The pocket guide is available in several other language versions, including Swedish and easy Swedish.

The new country Introduction 12 Sweden in brief Geography, climate and population 17 Swedish history A brief overview from the Ice Age to the Cyber Age 29 Debate, vote, influence How Sweden is governed 43 How we usually do things… Traditions and popular customs in modern Sweden 61 Your new neighbours Crooked path to community 63 The municipality Taking charge and providing services in your area 70 Maps 75 Your initial period in Sweden A fresh start in a new country 81 Finding a home Renting a flat, buying a house 90 Your new neighbours Human dignity gets a mangling 92 Finding a good job The Swedish labour market 107 How much does it cost? Money and day-to-day finances 124 Your new neighbours An umbrella 126 Our nearest and dearest On living together. Families, couples and relatives 140 A safe place for children Day nurseries, open pre-schools and recreation centres 146 A school for all Nine-year compulsory school and upper-secondary school 159 Learning more Folk high schools and universities 167 The golden years Support and service for the elderly 172 To your health Types of healthcare and support 196 Churches and faith Religion in today’s Sweden 205 Law and order Sweden’s efforts to promote justice 215 On the road Taking to the Swedish roads by car 221 “What do you do in your leisure time?” An ordinary question with some extraordinary answers 231 Residence permits and citizenship On temporary and permanent residence in Sweden 240 Your new neighbours Shame and shared humanity 243 A fresh start in Sweden An introduction for new arrivals 246 Religious communities in Sweden Address list 248 National ethnic organisations in Sweden 253 In case of emergency Emergency telephone numbers 254 Index

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Sweden: A Pocket Guide – Is a digital e-Book of 260 pages. Discover Sweden, a wonderful place surrounded by tall mountains, rich folklore and cool design. Be inspired by this Sweden: A Pocket Guide, a comprehensive full-colour guide to this breathtaking country whose cuisine has taken the world by storm. Be inspired by our Best of Sweden section highlighting unmissable sights and experiences and lavish photo Features on topics such as saunas, folklore and foraging. A detailed places section, with stunning travel photography and full-colour maps, shows you where to go and what to do!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stefanno Grasso

    GREAT GUIDEBOOK for expats that live in Sweden! I recommend as this book is basically free of charge!

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