Last Saturday around 2pm, I arrived at the Jaegerdorffsplatsen, which was the meeting point of the first Photo Walk. At first, I was worried if I couldn’t find them because they were totally new people, but my worry was useless. When I got off the tram, I could find several people holding cameras around their neck. We waited for others to arrive, and then followed Nils. Actually, it was my first time to talk with Nils but I saw him several times before when I attended GISA events. Every time I saw him, he was taking photos of people and events. Thanks to his love for taking photos, we could spend wonderful time with new people and do Photo Walk together.We started walking along the seaside. Nils explained the historical warehouse, and people began to take photos. Not only did we take photos of sceneries around sea, but also take Paparazzi shots of others. It was difficult for me to avoid hidden cameras!

We were walking and taking photos until we arrived at the red stone (Röda Sten). It was so weird to see one red-painted rock standing at the seaside. However, Nils told a sad story about the red stone. He said that the red color represents the blood of a Swedish officer who was killed by the Danes.

Although the weather was not sunny, we thanked to the sky because it wasn’t raining at least. I even liked the cloudy sky because it felt like I was taking photo of ‘real’ face of Gothenburg. The biggest problem,

however, was the strong and cold wind. It was too cold to hold camera with my hands. So, if you, who are reading my writing now, want to go out and take photos in Gothenburg, prepare your gloves!