Artist, musicians, and filmmakers thrive all over Gothenburg whether they are mainstream, independent, big, or small. They are here to inspire, maintain, achieve, and spread their creative individualistic energy throughout the city. I believe it is artistic expression that drives the culture in Gothenburg and has turned the city into what it is today! Artists instinctively want to reflect humanity within themselves and with others. They open their minds to ideas in its intermittent virtue and vitality! Art… really is just the desire of someone to express himself or herself, to record the reactions of their personality in the world they live in. Knowing very well how artistic Gothenburg can be I have run into quite a few talented artists and couldn’t help but write about them.

Freekok played at Olofshojd last year and as soon as I heard their tunes I couldn’t help but sing along – their one hit song – about Gothenburg (Gothenburg City) kept buzzing in my head and I just couldn’t let go of it and how talented they really were!

Freekok is a band in Gothenburg, Sweden comprised of Jon von Letscher and Per Stenbeck. Jon von Letshcer is a visual artist and electronic musician from USA who now lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Per Stenbeck is a producer and pop/rock musician from Gothenburg with a degree in sound design. Both Jon and Per have years of experience in recording and creating music. They have also both been on tour (Australia, New Zealand, USA) with their respective previous bands, playing shows to crowds of 10.000 people and over. They met through mutual friends in 2010 and within a few months, they had created their sound: A mix of electro/pop/hiphop and dance. Defining Freekok’s genre in one word is not possible, though their sound shines through in each track. The recipe the two musicians created combines old and newschool hiphop-, electronic-, rockand others. Check out there website at

Check out their video here:

Another amazing artist:

(Tanya Sojka) Miss Tee, a girl I came across when I started my event company completely took me by surprise. She had such an awesome and vibrant spirit with so much charisma and style. I had to hire her for many of my events. There is no way I could let such an awesome girl out of my sight!

Miss Tee is a DJ that has a quality and blend of music that comes from the fusion of her Czech & Moroccan descent and multi-cultural exposure. Born in Gothenborg, Sweden she moved at a very young age to West Africa. Growing up in West Africa, exposed her to people of various cultural backgrounds and exposure of travel. DJ’ing is an entity she said she has always aspired to be. She loves to blend different genres of music and as an artist music is her painting and reflection of her mood. You can find her in Parkken, Park Lane, Valand, and many other venues spreading her music! Check out her website at

Written by: Claire Hultin