As an international in Gothenburg it can be difficult to know where the heck to go when one gets sick. Even more difficult can it be when suffering from a mental illness. So… where should you go, what should you do, how does everything work? The answers will be listed below.

General Information

– Emergency telephone number – life threatening: 112
– General information telephone number: 1177
– General information Website

Centrumakuten – Centre Emergency unit

– Location: Kaserntorget 11A, Tram stop: Grönsakstorget

– Opening hours for drop-in (no reservation needed)

Monday – Friday: 17.00 – 22.00
Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 16.00

This is the Gothenburg central Emergency Room and here you can come for any issue regardless of nationality, if you are a student or not, or what type of condition – mental or physical – you are suffering from.

Website: Centrumakuten

– Gunshot to the knee? Come to Centrumakuten.
– Depression? Come to Centrumakuten.
– Infection or STD? Come to Centrumakuten.
– A tree branch pierced your body? Come to centrumakuten.

They are extremely professional and with lots of experience.

Cost: For Swedish/EU citizens the cost is usually 100 SEK for a doctors appointment.

Akademihälsan – Student Health Centre

If you are a student at University of Gothenburg or Chalmers you can contact the Student Health Centre. They can help you with many varieties of problems, and for recommendations on what to do you can fill in the contact form on their website (Contact Form). They can also help you as an international students with questions concerning homesickness and thoughts about being in a new country.

English Speaking Psychologist (both privately and at Akademihälsan)

For international students Glen Bryan will be one of your main contact persons in the city. Check out his page on FACEBOOK!

Website: Student Health Centre

Location: Kaserntorget 11B, Tram stop: Grönsakstorget

If you as a student feel unsure what to do, or need some additional support to get in contact with a medical practitioner – contact the student buddies at University of Gothenburg (GISA) or Chalmers (CIRC). They will always, always help you.

Contact info, international student unions:


Självmordsupplysningen – Suicide Information Centre (MiND)

If you are feeling depressed and thinking about suicide it is very, very important that you contact someone right away.

MiND Suicide Information Centre are qualified volunteers with lots of experience. They are available on chat between 19.00 – 22.00 between Monday – Friday.

You can also send them an e-mail. You can ask questions both about yourself and about relatives, friends or loved ones you suspect are having suicidal thoughts – or other mental health issues.

Chat: MiND Chat Form
E-mail: MiND E-mail Form

Chat is open: Monday – Friday, 19.00 – 22.00

General Website: Mind Sucide Information Centre

They will also answer questions related to any other mental problem, regardless of severity. They are there for you and will answer your questions always.