Either way most of us who are not on a student residence and are leaving Gothenburg have the bothersome task of finding someone to rent his or her room/apartment. GU has just introduced a new way for students to find a tenant.

Since Spring 2013 the University of Gothenburg has become a partner with HousingAnywhere.com to deal with Gothenburg’s housing problem and is thereby providing students like you a safe student-to-student method of finding a tenant.

For many reasons HousingAnywhere.com is trusted by the University as the best means of finding a tenant.  For one only someone with a student email account can use the website, ensuring that it is scam-free.  Another benefit is that you are dealing someone in the same age group, which some students may find comforting.

More so however, if you are only going away for 1 semester and would like to come back to your apartment following an exchange program, it is likely that you will be able to find another student coming to Gothenburg for only a semester as well.  In other circumstances finding a short-term tenant could be challenging.

Don’t forget it is free for any GU student to use the website with their GU student account so if you need to rent out your place of residency or are interested in more information, visit www.housinganywhere.com today!