On the day of the closing party we all met up in our hotel, introduced each other and left to the club an hour later. This might seem strange for people who have not been to Clubs like DC-10 with the best sound system and the best DJs in the world dancing right next and with you – but I can tell you it was the best party of my life and I will never forget these three days and YES Sam was absolutely right!!!!!!!! I cannot go too much into detail but the music was insane. We stayed in Ibiza for 3,5 days of which we spent about 26 hours dancing in clubs with no time to really eat or sleep. I met so many crazy people and made so many great contacts.

While dancing this big black guy walked up to me and we started talking. He was wondering why I was licking Ice cubes. I told him I could not afford to buy a glass of water for 10 € and that the tap water tasted like it came from a toilet (point to Sweden where tap water is for free). So he insisted in buying me water. Turns out this guy is quite famous in England right now since he is from X-Factor. His name is Jayson Newland and he was in Ibiza for business. Further, I met the PR manager of the DJs in DC-10 (also Maroccan) and he seriously invited me for a couscous dinner with a hand full of the DJs from DC-10 (again-best DJs in the world- Can you believe this?? Soooo many people would give a lot for this invitation and I did not even know of most DJs before I went to Ibiza).

Either way I could not go because of our flight back home the next day. After only 2 hours of sleep, a huge hangover and hurting bodies we managed to get to the airport in one piece only to hear our flight was cancelled because the French are unhappy with their salaries. So we cancelled the dinner only to be stuck in Barcelona (our connection flight). However, Sam’s cousin (also Moroccan) lives in Barca and she was so kind to host us for three nights until our next flight left for Göteborg. Actually she was our life saver since we were totally broke! We decided to make the best out of it and went out clubbing to see one of the DJ’s that was playing his set at DC-10 in Ibiza, but who we missed at that time.


So after all this craziness I decided to book a flight and spend “Christmas” in Morocco with 2 friends I met here on Erasmus. An insider told me there might be a Circo Loco party in Marrakesh during our stay – this would be too good to be true.


Written by: Dannii Romer