Learning Swedish

When new in Sweden many want to learn the Swedish language. There are of course many official ways to do this such as through:

– SFI (Swedish for immigrants)
– Folkuniversitetet SFI
– Humanisten (faculty of languages)

There are, however, many more ways to learn Swedish in Sweden – even if you are not a student. One of those ways is the so called language café. A language café is a cafe where you drink coffee and eat a snack while speaking the language of your choice with other people who has got a passion or will to learn for that language as well.

There are also languages cafés arranged both privately and university, but anyone is allowed to join them. There is also an official one at Esperantoplatsen. These places are:

– The Language Coffee Shop

Location: Esperantoplatsen 7-9
Swedish night: Thursday from 17.30

– Chalmers TAL Café (Talk Any Language)
Location: Chalmer’s Student Union building, 2nd floor, Chalmersplatsen 1-2, Tram stop: Chalmers
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– GISA Language Café
Contact GISA for more information.

– Self Made Swedish Language Group
A group for everyone in Gothenburg who want to learn Swedish. They usually hang around at the language café at Esperantoplatsen 7A, Tram stop: Järntorget. Check their Event Tab on Facebook to see when they will meet up next.
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