Wanting to try out everything, I decided to go to yet another welcome party. This time it was a party in Kompassen Mall. Yes a mall, I was surprised as well and a little bit intrigued with the concept.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a super friendly security guy who pointed me into the direction of the escalators, so up we went.

Upstairs we did not really know what to expect but unfortunately we were all a little bit disappointed. Thought there was a DJ playing fairly nice music and there were free crisps everywhere there wasn’t a special act or anything like that. Nevertheless, the drinks were cheap and there were a lot of nice people. At a table I met a lovely German boy named Stefan who is studying computer science here in Gothenburg. While computer science means next to nothing to me, besides the image of a lot of nerdy boys sitting behind computers talking about numbers and difficult words, this boy was speaking in a very clear language. He told me that he is studying the technical part of computer science and that the typical nerd image is, thank God, not always true.

After that night I’m still not very enlightened when it comes to computers, but I met a very cool person. After a while the music started to get louder and louder and the people started to get more into the party mood and of course dance mood. Though it was still very early and it was very bright inside, people did not seem to care and started shaking and jumping around like it was midnight at a club. Of course I could not just sit by so I gathered Jane and some other friends and we joined the people on the dance floor.

There the night turned into a way better night than I had expected. Not only were people excited and happy, there were also ‘the dance floor wig and pink sunglasses’. They were as much a part of the party as everybody else and went round the group to unite us all. They also ended up on Michael’s head, another awesome German guy.

I must say Michael truly embraced them and they gave him a whole new identity. They made him dance with even more pleasure than normally and he gave us all a show to enjoy. The wig and sunglasses also made a pass at me, and while I had to say no to the wig, the sunglasses were mine for the rest of the evening. They did have the magic power of making you go crazy on music, especially when Macklemore is playing and your inner rapper comes to the surface. All in all a marvellous evening and as a bonus I went home with the magic sunglasses!



Written by: Katarin van Orshaegen