When introducing myself to the international community I met several insightful and ambitious people that had a keen eye for international diversity and events and activities.  Formally, I have always been known as an entrepreneur and author and had worked with events that directly related to my business or books. However, they inspired me to build something bigger for the community.

These people I owe a lot of gratitude to – are DJ and Writer Stefan Nilsson, event organizer Stefano Lanzini, Michael Antonsson for allowing a lot of opportunities with his own event company Spot Event, international soccer coach Daniel Sjostrand, Frida Dalmo, Paolo Di Sano, DJ Salman Babar, and one of the best Russian lawyers Leyla Bakyrskaya in Gothenburg who applied her business knowledge to building up an international event company. Tanya Sojka, Ariel Kramer are also extraordinary event organizers that have contributed a lot of their passion, expertise within the international sector. Furthermore, Dennis and Tina Pepic have been a huge part of contributing towards musical diversity within the international community. Followed by many international students that have contributed to assist with international events like entrepreneurs such as Dushyant Chauhan and Agyat Raj Singh Suri. Check out a small behind the scenes film on how we run our events!

In addition, many of us have worked together and elaborated on events that include lifelihood for all the international student life, expat life, and international community here in Gothenburg, Sweden. When creating events for hundreds of people, you learn that the international community is huge and full of energy and a big part of what makes Gothenburg unique in its own way!

One thing we all have learned is that every international living in Gothenburg has relocated here for many different purposes. Many internationals are here in Gothenburg due to a study program, a few are here on business, some are here in Gothenburg due to a career choice, and many international people are here in Gothenburg because they have met a Swedish significant other.

No matter what the purpose is, we all have one thing in common; we are all away from home in a new country.  Moving away from your country can be as challenging, but can also be fun. A fresh start in a new city can always be wonderful but can also have unexpected moments. Everyone has been through the difficulties of adapting in a new country, especially if there isn’t a road map to tell you what you get to experience, where to go, and how to meet others.

With many of us contributors we all have wanted to be able to provide an outlet through events, music, and entertainment, which is why many of our eclectic events exist today! We hope that people within the international community have some of the best experiences while here and have a taste of the eclectic entertainment and culture that we can provide here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Check out one of our videos during one of our last events below!

Written by: Claire Hultin