I’m a big lover of nature, always trying to go out since exercise in the fresh air is advantageous for good health, I am also trying to animate my fellows to go out as often as possible. Now, if you’re bored of just walking around the block and don’t know where else you can go, or if you’re new and want to explore the city in a cheap and ‘off-the-beaten-track’ kind of way, I am here to help 🙂 I will introduce some local recreational areas that are worth checking out and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Last weekend I went to Hisingsparken. With an area of about 320 hectare, Hisingsparken is the largest recreational area in all of Gothenburg. Situated between Länsmansgården and Tuve, it is easily reachable by both car and public transportation. There is a car park next to the bus stop ‘Klara’ but there are a whole lot of bus stops along Björlandavägen and Tuvevägen from where you have access to the park.

Starting from the car park near ‘Klara’ the way leads either around the marshland ‘Klaremosse’ or, if you’re interested in a longer walk, to the ‘Anemonen’ allotment garden area, through a grove and out towards the fields of a nearby farmstead. In summer the fields are filled with horses and if you’re lucky they’re still there in the snowy winter but usually by then you’ll only find hardy cows outside.

The farm can be seen from afar and contains a petting zoo with goats, sheep and rams, pigs and rabbits. The latter can be seen in pairs of two in their little enclosures even if the surrounding meadows are covered with snow. Members can enjoy nature riding on the back of a horse.

The trail leads away from the farm through some more fields back into the woods. Here you find a small part of an ‘Uteklassrum’, an outdoor class room, in form of a beehive. Shielded by glass on a wooden cover, you can watch the busy bee’s activity in summer. In winter they are hibernating.

Then the wanderer has the choice between taking the way back to ‘Klara’ or continue in the direction of Tuve.

You can either take the trail back you came, along the allotment gardens, or walk a little further through the woods. There you will come out into a residential neighborhood and, following the street, come back down to the main street with the bus stop and nearby the car park.

The tracks are largely (as far as I’ve noticed) wheelchair accessible albeit sometimes steep. If walking is too boring for you, you also have the option to jog or cycle the tracks.

Enjoy! 🙂

Written by Bonny