My Top Ten Tips are:

  1. Try to cook. Check out the Asian supermarkets run by the Vietnamese, you’ll be surprised to find many local products from your hometown! In fact, find time to cook with your friends, they can be a big help when it comes to washing the dishes! Also, to spice things up in the kitchen, organize multiple international dinners or a barbecue with your friends. Having a barbecue in the cold is pretty thrilling, too! Imagine huddling around the fire roasting marshmallows. Bliss.
  2. If you’re not a fantastic cook yourself, find friends who cook well. Ditch your other friends. (I’m kidding) Get to know the other exchange students and do not forget to make some Swedish friends along the way! Which already brings us to the third point:
  3. Interact with your friends, your neighbors, or your friend’s neighbors.
  4. Request student prices when watching a movie at the cinema. It’s almost a 50% discount at 60kr from Mondays to Thursdays for certain movies!
  5. Skip the clubs that require an entry fee (they’re too expensive), head instead to clubs like Yaki Da and The Big Room which offer free entry before a certain time.
  6. Try to minimize your drinks in clubs. It’s crazily expensive.
  7. Eat at Ikea. Really. And its free if you have the monthly tram pass too.
  8. Run outdoors. Around the estate, in parks, anywhere!
  9. Visit Myrorna. You have to if you love vintage stuff.
  10. Explore the city. Contrary to what I thought, Gothenburg really has quite a lot of sights to offer, which I will share with you below.

Some of the places I’d encourage you to do/visit include:

Skansen Kronan: The view from the top is incredible, a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. The daunting climb up from Haga is merely a test of your tenacity. And when you have done that, you can walk down via the slope towards Linnegatan. There you will find Pinkbar Ice Cream & Juice at the corner of the street along Linnegatan, they serve the best gelato in town!

Delsjön: It is just a 20 minute walk from the tram station Töpelsgatan. The walk towards the Lake is rather lovely, and if you’re lucky, you might catch sight of the horses! Go in the summer preferably, and if you take the first turn towards the lake, you’ll end up on a bridge across the lake with a wonderful view!


Guldhedstornet café: Located at the top of the tower, it offers reasonably priced cakes and sandwiches. Most important of all, the view from above is wonderful!

The Southern Archipelago: You get to take a ferry ride and explore a different side of Gothenburg. What’s more, its free if you have the tram pass!


The Public Library at Götaplatsen: It recently reopened after a renovation, and there’s a café inside that serves delicious cakes! Pop by the Children’s section on the ground floor and you’ll be surprised by the active role men in Sweden take on to care for their kids.

Slottsskogen: It is HUGE. So go in the summer, preferably when it is a sunny day. There’s a National History Museum in the middle with a skeleton of the whale – its amazing up close. There’s also a zoo (its free!) somewhere in the park where you can get up close to the animals! Get lost in the park. And buy an ice-cream when you see one. Ice-cream is great in the summer; its even better in the cold 😉

2 5

Written By Fiona Fong