With 270 people arriving in Gothenburg Sweden at the 18th of January there was a certain crew that had their work cut out for them. The students per say were of course excited and nervous at the same time, wondering where they had come and some even saw snow for the first time.

Arriving to Gothenburg is what DiG is all about! Showing what there is to do, everything gathered online for quality. It is easy as a newcomer to get lost in the “world of opportunities” in the form of 500 page catalogues over the city and with the local city map depicting everything from land material to the smallest street it can be difficult to find that one Ethernet cable that was all one wanted to get for the first night.

Luckily all newcomers receive a very practical welcome! The Student Housing Office managers Karin and Ravaka has assembled a team of people invaluable for the day. GISA (Gothenburg International Student Association) was on site with 25 buddies, as well as IntU (the international committee of the Business School).

These wonderful people volunteer in order to create welcoming buddy groups on their university campuses, and create social activities for the internationals.

Graham Monger (NewVita)

Graham Monger (NewVita) welcoming a new student.

On site was also Diversity in Gothenburg! We of course chose the most welcoming people we could find – Fitness Instructor Graham Monger and Ellinor Eriksson, with NewVita – to meet and greet the students! There are so many events going on in the city that it is difficult to keep track of them all, and we hope that we here at Diversity in Gothenburg can help the majority to find their way around without risking to not have been invited.

It is a first step, but a giant step to say the least. The first pictures have been taken, and who knows where one may end up throughout this experience?

We of course are doing a great shoutout for Claire Hultin’s International Spring Welcome Party on February 7. An American Los Angeles girl fixing a party in Sweden, how could it not be the best welcome party in the whole world?

Other than that – newcomers, please relax… everything will be fine. You are many miles from your comfort zone and this is the start of the ultimate experience to traverse your boundaries and find out about what you really are capable of. Gothenburg is an excellent city where you never know where you will end up. Welcome for this experience… One of your greatest times in life has finally begun!

/Team of Diversity in Gothenburg

Photos by Mickaël Fourgeaud