Have you experienced the whole city of Gothenburg? Do you want to try something new and alternative? Something that has not yet seen the light of the day? If you said yes to at least one question, then you have to consult this short article about an event I have been to.

Every 2 months, guys and girls from Frequency Drum and Bass Gothenburg organize a party for all the bass lovers, and for all of those who will become one of them after the first party they attend. Frequency D`n`B can be found and followed on Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/clubfrequency)

The first thing that caught my attention was that the location of the party is secret. You sign up on the guest list to get the spot, and 2 hours before the start you get an e-mail with instructions on how to get to the party and where it is. I will not tell you the location because it should be kept as a secret.

When you go somewhere abroad to study/visit/live, it is good to get some new experience and views. One of the ways is through this kind of events, which are crazy. I think these parties are the best nights in Gothenburg that you can go to, including the events in Röda Sten. But even if you don`t like this type of events, it is also good to go, see, and feel the vibe of the Swedish alternative scene. The main type of the music played on the party is Drum and bass which is based on high tempo, keeping your heart rate high (and we all know the benefits of this).The music is not what you hear in most of the clubs. Your first few dance steps may feel odd, but after 2 minutes, when your D`n`B engines get started you will feel the vibe and dance for 4 hours straight.

And let me describe my experience. The first Frequency event I have been to, was at the end of September. It was much warmer anyhow (anybody else misses the warm sun?). Two of my friends and I went for a drink before the event. Unexpectedly we also met one backpacker who has travelled around the world, keeping experiences in his diaries. After our drink we hiked to the central station where we caught our bus perfectly on time (there was a special offer by Frequency for that event: if you come before midnight you get your ticket with half price). When getting off the bus, we were a little bit lost because we didn`t know which direction we should go.

But luckily there were also some other basslovers, who led us on stairway to heaven, straight to the underground scene. The place was not so crowded at midnight, but after 1 hour it was full with all the people going crazy. The vibes caught us andour bodies just couldn`t escape from the fast rythms. During the short fresh air breaks we also met some people, which were open and nice. I still don`t know why people consider Swedes cold. They are lovely sweeties. We had so much fun and laughs until 5am. It was a night to remember. And a night to remember is waiting for you, too.
Written by Nejc Jordan.