Are you looking for the Christmas market? Do you want to enjoy peaceful park and lake at the same time? Then you should definitely visit the Christmas market at Gunnebo house!

We visited the market on a Sunday. Before I was invited to this, the only Christmas market I knew in Gothenburg was Liseberg. Thanks to the native Swedish, Nils and Johan, we found the niche but wonderful Christmas market. It is located really close to Korsvägen, and surrounded by lake, which made it a so beautiful place.

The white and simple Gunnebo house welcomed us. This house was a private summerhouse of John hall in the 18th century, so it has a long history. We didn’t take a guided tour of the House, but I believe it’s worth to learn about over 200 years-old house’s history.

The overall Christmas market at Gunnebo house was not that big and fancy, but it was a peaceful village with beautiful garden and lake. People at the market were warm and kind, and they were selling handcrafts and jams that they made by themselves. These made the Christmas market more special! We could also find cows and horses in the village.

The highlight of Christmas market was food! There were sausages, breads, Christmas cookies, chocolates and glögg. Among them, the most impressive one was Risgrynsgröt. I already heard that I must try risgrynsgröt to enjoy Christmas in Sweden, but I couldn’t imagine the taste even though I’m Asian and usually eat rice. So, I tasted. I sprinkled Kanel(cinnamon) with sugar, and poured milk as Swedish does. It was totally Christmas taste. Delicious and sweet! I think I’m qualified to enjoy Swedish Christmas.

We could look around the Christmas market at Gunnebo house just for 2 hours, and I believe this is ‘lagom’ to spend outside because the daylight is getting shorter and shorter. How to get there? Take 753 bus at Korsvägen and get off at Kristinedal. For more information, visit the website below.

Written by Park Yujin

Point of view: Serusa Katabami

One month to Christmas!

Time flies by so fast and it is already December.

It is my favorite month of the year since it has both Christmas and my birthday. But my feelings are mixed this time because it will also be the month of farewell and new meetings. I feel happy when I think about my travel to different European countries during the Christmas holidays but before that, I will have to say goodbye to my friends, with whom I had studied this semester. They are interested in Sweden like me, come from various backgrounds and have helped me widen my small world.

On the 30th of November I saw off a friend to Holland. Because she was my first and one of the best friends I’ve had here, I will miss her so much. We made our last memory in Gothenburg the Swedish way. We went to the Christmas market at Gunnebo Slottet with members of the Svensk konversations grupp on November 24, exactly one month before Christmas.

Gothenburg smiled on us, it was a great sunny day. The path to the Gunnebo house, which was built in the late 18th century, and the garden of the manor house looked so beautiful in the sunshine. Inside the buildings, there were small shops selling Christmas dolls, woolen socks, glassworks and cosmetics that looked homemade by several artists.

It was surprising for me to meet a Swedish pop designer who has shop in Japan.

There was a lot of fresh food such as bread, honey, jam, cheese, chocolate and more – all of which excited me. We could try them for free and we spent some money on rice porridge, Glögg and sausage. The porridge is called Risgrynsgröt and it was served in a small cottage by a woman in a cute dress, which reminded me of a character in Elsa Beskow. The porridge was made from rice, butter, sugar and cinnamon, which according to Nils and Johan (who are Swedish), tasted of Christmas morning. For me the porridge and Glögg also tasted special because I cannot get them in Japan.

After we had walked around the shops and had tasted, seen and smelled the Christmas in Sweden, we climbed up a hill. From there we looked down at the field in the sunset. Filled with Christmas mood, the field was dyed in orange. I want to come back here in the spring when it is green.

I feel a little bit sad when I remember the moment because I won’t be able to see my friend for now, and I will too leave Gothenburg a few months later. But I believe the beautiful

moment will stay in my mind forever, even though I will be away from it.

Wish you a merry Christmas!

Written by Serusa Katabami