Christmas is at the door, and since most of the international people in Gothenburg travel home to spend the holidays with their family, the period of pre-Christmas parties has already began.

Actually, they are just another excuse to hang out with lovely people, eat a lot and drink glögg, but who could judge us for it? Getting closer to the end of the semester, don’t we all deserve some treat, with Mariah Carey singing in the background that all she wants for Christmas is us?

So, prepare for the never-ending tables covered with traditional holiday food and desserts from all over the world! Share your embarrassing Christmas stories (everyone has one where the uncle got a bit drunker than he was supposed to, or when Grandma bought you the same kind of socks five years in a row – wrong size, of course), sing the carols you learned when you were a child, or perform an alternative version of the Christmas Eve story, as we did with our friends after stuffing ourselves with pepparkaka. I suggest you put on, well, not Thanksgiving pants as Joey did in that episode of ‘Friends’ (check it out here), but something easily extendable!

And you, who will stay in Gothenburg for the holidays, don’t worry, you won’t be alone: you can join the people from the GISA group and celebrate together!

Written by: Dóra Deák.