Although it is not the cheapest cinema I have ever been, it is certainly worth a visit – especially now the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire is out!A ticket is about 130 SEK (although they did not check my bag for any beverages or snacks that might be smuggled in) and you can choose your own seats, which is really nice because now you don’t really have to be there half an hour or earlier in advance. The cinema is located at Kungstorget and has several theaters ranging from very big to very small. I went to the movie the day it came out – November 20th.

Unfortunately, I was too late to get a seat for The Hunger Games night in which they showed the first movie before premiering the second (yes, I’m quite the fan.) The theater I was placed was rather small with only 8 rows of seats and a screen of 3 by 6 meters. Being used to IMAX, this was certainly a downgrade. But it did make the experience very cozy and personal.

What made it even more personal was the fact that after the advertisements and previews, the lights went back on and a guy came in to explain a bit about the movie we were about to see – including the actors that were in it and the director that had made it. After he was done everyone clapped, and this was quite funny for me because I had never seen anything like it. The movie itself was awesome but to avoid spoilers I won’t elaborate – you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.) After the movie there was another round of applause– again quite funny (I doubt Jennifer Lawrence herself could hear us… haha.) So even in something as common as a cinema the Swedish culture was very visible, and I have to say I liked it!

Written by Myrthe Aans