Do you remember the day you set foot in Gothenburg, Sweden as an Erasmus student abroad? Have you had any fun and outrageous experiences or even met someone who has told you about their own vibrant experiences? It seems that everyone has a story to tell or some gossip about their craziest or even most embarrassing moments abroad. Beware of the outlandish stories, campus nightmares, and nights that can never be forgotten!

Here is my story! It was break time over the summer and I decided not to go home to Germany and stayed in the SGS apartments. Not a soul was living or staying there and I was strictly alone in the building.  The weather was nice and as always I found someone outside and around to party with. Upon returning to the dorms one evening, I was totally and absolutely inebriated.  Just like every other night I stripped down to my bra and underwear because this is how I usually sleep. Seeing as I’d had a lot to drink I woke up to use the bathroom but realized the toilet was broken.

I ran to knock on my friends door down the hall because I absolutely could not hold my bladder anymore.  It was a skip, hop, and sprint across the hall without even thinking reflex. I left my dorm room, heard the door slam behind me, and instantly froze.  OH NO! I forgot that everyone is GONE on break and  I knew the door was locked because it locks automatically.  I completely panicked and didn´t know what to do. Here I am! The only one in the building basically with no cell phone, in my bra and underwear. I proceeded to go door  to door (at about 3AM) knocking and praying that someone would answer.

Finally, the heavens answered my prayers and Swedish guy answered his dorm room door. Looking shocked and utterly surprised, he asked me why I was not wearing any clothes and my immediate response half crying and half laughing was, “I locked myself out of my room and I don´t know what to do and I am half naked!” He gave me a some gym shorts and a huge extra large t-shirt that said Hemköpp on it and I couldn´t have been more embarrassed. Luckily he had a girls number who I personally knew that lived down the street and called her.  To my surprise she answered (at 3:00 AM) and told me to come on over. Thank god! Never again will I sprint have naked across a SGS building hallway in the middle of the night to use the bathroom ever again. I have learned my lesson!