I met Andreas, the owner of Bar Foxx, during my Ibiza trip in October this year. Andreas is a Dj from Gothenburg and he opened his café, four months back in Vasagatan, out of the urge to create a meeting place for people who enjoy good coffee, healthy juices, music, and art.

There’s more to going to a place to simply drink coffee. It is also about the atmosphere and good service that you get. And at Bar Foxx, it is a combination of all the senses: you listen to good music as you savor and surrender to the wonderful aroma of a delicacy; you watch exciting cultural movies and you experience their warm hospitality.

Andreas wants people to feel at home in his café. The interior of Bar Foxx was made with his own sweat and with a lot of help from his friends. The bar, walls, and large tables are all handmade – nothing here is perfectly round or as it should be, and nothing is mainstream. Many signs hang on the walls such as “Pets allowed, children on leash”, “No dancing- except on tables”; and “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”. These bring forward Andreas’ own personality. The café is decked with little pieces of art and pictures made by his friends. A major part of the decoration is the fresh fruit baskets that stand in front of the bar. All in all, the place has a very ‘health oriented’ touch.

My personal highlight is the bed, also handmade, that is inside the café. You can chill out on it all day, order bed and breakfast, and hang out when you have a hangover. I bring friends here every other day and introduce them to the Foxx world. On some days they also have screenings of silent black and white Charlie Chaplin movies.

The general vibe you get when entering the café is of happiness. It puts a smile on your face and this is what makes most people come back with more friends and makes them choose the Foxx over other places.

According to Andreas, Sunday is the best day of the week and that’s why the place turns into his personal playground on Sunday afternoons when he deejays with his friends. SunDjays@barfoxx is quite cool for those who don’t want the weekend to end and just wish to hang on to good music and vibes for the few last hours.


Written by Dannii Römer