When Petra heard that Macklemore was coming to Stockholm, she became so excited that she immediately got up and bought tickets to see the concert. She amazingly got a spare one and sold it to Dannii – leaving Myrthe very jealous. Not being able to cope with Myrthe’s annoying jealousy, Dannii went on the quest of finding another ticket with only two weeks until the concert. Astonishingly, she managed to acquire that ticket – making Myrthe the happiest girl on earth. And so they went – two by car, one by train – to the awe-inspiring city of Stockholm, were Petra and Myrthe stayed at City Hostel, a very good hostel for 220 SEK a night close to the train station. Dannii stayed at a friend’s for free which is of course always groovy.

Once inside the concert hall, a big t-shirt stand was right ahead. Myrthe’s passion for shopping immediately kick-started – imagining the low prices since “the big Macklemore” himself sings that paying $50 for a t-shirt is ridiculous. But as she came closer, her dream and hero were annihilated because the t-shirts were 30 SEK, which is indeed $50. Feeling a bit devastated, they left for the concert where Dannii and Petra were privileged enough to enjoy a VIP spot right in front of the stage, whereas Myrthe was assigned to her sitting place where she still had a really good view. The opening act was so horrendous that it is actually not worth mentioning, but at least it made a lot of 16-year-old teens really happy. When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis finally came on, we all just went craazzzyyy – singing along, rapping along (to what extent we were able to – lots of gibberish unfortunately), and of course dancing along!! Almost two hours of insanely good songs including an encore of “Can’t Hold Us” with huge balloons and glitter raining from above. It was a good ending to a very good concert.
Written by Petra Klimas and Myrthe Aans