Claire Hultin – Founder

Claire Hultin – the founder of Expats in Gothenburg, created the organization in 2011, while having moved from the United States to Sweden with the idea of building an international unified community and platform. It was when she first moved to Sweden, Claire realized that she had to completely re-learn a new way of living as an expatriate and international of Gothenburg. Everything from the language – to the traditions, the city, culture, and its inhabitants while also making new friends – would be all apart of the growing process! The concept started with connecting like-minded international individuals through cultural events, international job placement, and student internships while also assisting with guiding internationals through the culture and the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The concept quickly grew into an organization that now has over 17,000 MEMBERS and counting!

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Claire Hultin is of Swedish and American descent. She has lived in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Sweden, Malta, and currently resides in San Francisco, California. She continues to explore the world, bringing a unique international perspective to her work in the equally unique San Francisco Bay Area. She has also been the owner of an international restaurant – The International Corner, CH Enterprises – an event, marketing and PR company and currently works in real estate. Her accomplishments before officially entering the real estate business also include authorship of two traditionally published books—one on neuroscience, “The Doctrine of Lucid Dreaming” – and the other a light-hearted non-fiction book bringing together a string of true stories surrounding experiences of online dating.

Claire Hultin’ s vision with Expats in Gothenburg – to keep the organization thriving and full of passionate expatriates. All of whom are excited about living in Gothenburg and want to immerse themselves within the Swedish and international community!





Stefano Lanzini – Partner

Stefano Lanzini, born of Italian descent – is a partner to Expats in Gothenburg and has tremendously added to the formation of the international organization. Stefano Lanzini now runs and manages –  Formarredo Due, a furnishing center and an interior design studio together with his parents. For over forty years they have been designing and manufacturing furniture for: houses, villas and apartments.

Thanks to the collaboration with many building and interior design professionals, they are able to provide a complete service for the design and / or renovation of residential and commercial units! Stefano enjoys soccer and Kung-Fu during his free time and enjoys traveling back and forth to Gothenburg, Sweden when he can.

Daniel Sjostrand – Partner

Daniel Sjostrand has been a partner to Expats in Gothenburg and one of the biggest additions to the overall expansion of Expats in Gothenburg.  Originally a football coach and very involved in the international community, he was born in Sweden and of Swedish and Ukranian descent. Daniel Sjostrand started in IF Warta in 2006 and has since then gone on to train in many clubs within three different countries. Daniel has lived in California, New York, Salamanca (Spain), Barcelona, and now resides in Premià de Mar, Spain.

When he’s not on the field coaching football, he spend his free time writing books, watching sports and TV-shows, but most of all he spends time with his wonderful family, fiancé and his two beautiful girls. In August 2018 they are expecting the third addition to the family.





Salman Babar

Salman Babar has partnered with Expats in Gothenburg from inception having helped organize and DJ many international events, fashion shows – to discussing alternative international events, assisting with The International Corner – Restaurant – to setting up venue and artists bookings. Salman is from Pakistan descent and is still very popular on the Avenyn in Gothenburg as an entrepreneurial DJ and fuse-maker!


Daniel Pavicic

Daniel Pavicic has partnered with Expats in Gothenburg creating concepts like “Music is My Life” and “International Thursdays” while also running his very own International Music Label Company called Entertainment Events with some of the most eclectic international DJ’s. He is very involved in the international community being of Serbian descent and has a very international family. His children are Swedish, Serbian, and Brazilian.

Michael Antonsson

Michael Antonsson helped bridge the idea of Expats in Gothenburg combining an event company that could provide such services for the international community. Michael Antonsson – has been a great guide and mentor for the creation of Expats in Gothenburg while also working and booking many international musicians and DJs with his Swedish Company – Spot Event. Michael is of Swedish descent with a great admiration towards the international community.


Hien Nguyen

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Jahn Wiebke

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Petra Klimas

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Kanchan Burathoki

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Phuong Tran

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Shannon Gillen

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Myrthe Aans

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Agyat Suri

Intern, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Top Interns  / Past Interns

Dannii Romer

Intern/Writer, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg

Marina Bykova

Intern/Manager, Expats In Gothenburg

Joshua Smith

Intern/Manager, Expats in Gothenburg

Tanira Wiggins

Intern/Writer, Expats in Gothenburg & Diversity in Gothenburg