The Olof’s party was everything I expected and even more! It was bring your own booze (b-y-o-b) based, which made you able to enjoy your own best homemade cocktails (or in my case that gruesome 7.2% beer).The underground motion hall location was absolutely fabulous – since it had no windows everything got nice and sweaty inside, which is of course super sexy. Still it would have been nice to have least have SOME oxygen. The “DJ’s” were playing the newest, hippest tunes like Avicii with levels out of their 2.0 speaker set, and there even was a disco ball! But my personal all-time favourite was the vast abundance of drunk people. Know your limits, guys! You’ll probably notice that I’m not really made for this kind of thing, but I guess this is the way student parties are supposed to be: cheap and boozy. I am sure there are plenty of people who did have a great night, but this night was not for me. While trying to be social in my – not so sober – state of mind, I couldn’t stop thinking of how bad I wanted to see my next Community episode. Although I did get to see a lot of nice people again that I haven’t seen in a while, which was really nice. They certainly helped me in managing to stay until 2 o’clock. I’m not exactly sure until when the party lasted, but around 2 the motion hall was already getting emptier, so it shouldn’t have been that long.

In the end it was a nice attempt by the organizers – it was for free after all – but I can definitely say that I’d rather spend my time elsewhere next time.

Written by Myrthe Aans