You need to:

  1. Be in good shape (You will be walking a lot, you may need to balance yourself through a rocky sea trip, and you may need to carry your own luggage up to the 4 flights due to missing or insanely small elevators)
  2. Sleep a lot beforehand (The amount of partying and sightseeing will take all of your energy)

Since I was travelling alone, I created a Facebook group for travelers taking the same trip. That is where I got to meet an amazing girl from Helsinki that was also an exchange student in Gothenburg. Wasting no time, we planned to meet early morning in Stockholm to enjoy the city before the official start of the tour. It was already the night before when my lack of sleep was beginning to accumulate as I had only slept 3h before I took the train to Stockholm (advice: Never pack the night before since you may freak out about what you packed, then unpack, and pack everything again).

Stockholm (UTC+01:00)

Checking in with our tour guide at the harbor, we received our boarding passes and immediately went to the ferry to check out the rooms. I was very excited, since I have never been on a real cruise ship. Seeing the room for the first time, I swear I could hear the Tetris song playing in my head. How are 4 people with luggage supposed to fit in this tiny room? While the initial shock was wearing off, I got to meet my ‘ferry mates’ with whom I shared the same room. I did not know that during the tour, all overnight stays on ferries would be with the same people. That may have been the only bummer of the entire trip (let’s just say if you don’t particularly like your room mates, you are screwed). That evening, I called it an early night to catch up on sleep, hoping to be all refreshed the next morning.

By Petra Klimas