1. The Heart Shop


This shop sells anything and everything that has got to do with a heart and love in general. They have all things heart-shaped, like umbrellas, keychains, plates, cups, notebooks etc.

2. The  Antique Shop


When you walk further down, there is an antique shop on your right. This shop has some cool things to see and many vintage things to pore over if you’re into these things. What caught my eye were the things displayed outside. (Ladies, listen up!) I saw birthstone earrings going for 25 SEK! For those who have piercings, these birthstone earrings are classy, simple and they come in many wonderful colours. Buy it/them for yourself, or even for your friends!

3.  Café Hebbe Lelle


Just opposite the antique shop to your left is Café Hebbe Lelle. I recommend the blueberry cheesecake! If you’re not a fan of cheesecake, the carrot cake is pretty decent too. This café has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, with seats that adds to the vintage feel of it. It’s a good place for fika, and just to sit down and have a nice chat. Bring a book along if you’re thinking of having some personal time.

4.  Skansen Kronan


Of course, if you’re not ready to stop for some treats, you can work for it by climbing up the long flight of stairs to the Skansen Kronan. On top, you will be able to see a very nice view of Gothenburg. On a warm sunny day, you can even pack some lunch and snacks and sit on the grass, overlooking the Haga area. I won’t post a picture of the view; you’d have to go up and see for yourself! 😉

5. The Fish Church


If you don’t feel like climbing stairs, the fish church is nearby. This building was originally a church that was later converted to a fish market, hence its name. Besides selling fresh fish, there is also other fresh seafood sold there which you can buy on the spot for a little snack. There are two cafes and a restaurant, but they are rather pricey. Another alternative would be to grab a baguette with seafood topping. The shops there sell packed lunches and sometimes have offers for lunch (dagens lunch). Check for the opening hours before you go!

6. The Ice Cream Shop


But if you’re still staying along the stretch of Haga, further down is an ice cream shop that sells homemade ice cream with some classic flavours. This shop also sells many artisanal chocolates to your heart’s content.

7. Souvenir Shop


If you’re looking for some souvenirs, I believe this is the only shop along Haga. Something unique that they sell are handmade metal pendants of Viking mythology. Get Thor’s Hammer as a keepsake from Haga, Gothenburg.

8. Second Hand Shop


Now this is out of the Haga stretch already, but if you’re looking for some secondhand items, this is the shop to go. The shop has a large area and in it sells all kinds of items, from clothes, bags, shoes to furniture. Most of their items are vintage and quirky.

9. Outlet Store


Further down is an outlet store that I found by chance. They sell items at a much lower price and sometimes have really good deals. The last time I went, they were selling Eastpak backpacks for 100SEK. They have different deals every time, so you can always visit them again and again.

10. British Store

Opposite the outlet store is the English shop. The shop’s name is self-explanatory; they sell British products, mainly food. If you’re craving for some British confectionaries, jams and such, this is the store to go to!

Now go check out Haga again!

Written by Kimberly Wee